August Alsina Flips On Crowd After Losing His Hat

August Alsina

Fans who turned out for August Alsina ‘s performance at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock, Arkansas will forever remember one thing: Don’t mess with August Alsina.

During the show the “Grind & Pray/Get Ya Money” artist decided to go crowd surfing when an audience member stole his hat which was a gift from his late brother Melvin.

Angered and frustrated by the theft of his precious hat August Alsina stopped the music and told concert goers that no one is leaving the building until his procession is returned to him:

“Who got the hat?! On some G sh-t! Don’t play with me like that, my n-gga.I came out here to f-ck with y’all so if you got it, ain’t NOBODY leaving out this b-tch until I get it back, Straight up! Where it’s at? Or we gon cause a muthaf-ckin riot in this bitch. Where it’s at?”

Alsina who recently exploded on 106 & Park while being questioned by Keshia Chanté‎ about his feud with Trey Songz went on to add:

Sorry but this muthaf-cking show is over!

Despite never getting his hat back, the 21-year-old should more humor (or maybe his management team told him to cool down because his anger is becoming more famous than his songs) on Twitter about the incident.

Lol I had fun in little rock. iLove yal

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