New Music: Jhene Aiko Ft. J Henny ‘Stay Ready’

Jhené Aiko

Jhené Aiko is giving her fans some free music.

The R&B singer has debuted a new version of her single entitled “Stay Ready (What a Life).”

The alternate version is very similar to the original which was featured on her EP Sail Out with one minor difference – Kendrick Lamar is replaced by a new rapper named J Henny aka J Hennessy.

If J Henny aka J Hennessy’s voice sounds familiar that is because she is none other than Jhené Aiko.

Miss Jhené Aiko invented the aggressive alter ego in order to say all the “shit and talk about things that an R&B singer” should not say.

The Californian singer and songwriter is set to release her debut album Souled Out, this summer.

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